Update to Septic System Requirement

As requested by the DLIA members, the Planning Board discussed changes to the Watershed Overlay that would provide a way for those who believe their septic systems do not need to be pumped every three years to get an independent opinion establishing a longer pumping period. The Board also discussed the problem created by one or two residents who have steadfastly refused to obey the ordinance, both of whom have systems that were due to be pumped in 2012. The Board also
decided to ask the Town Administrator to review all records to assure that notices of pumping requirements are being sent to all residents within the Watershed Overlay, whether or not they own homes on the lakefront. Finally the Board discussed ways to provide a waiver for good cause to avoid injustices.

Attached files: [Report_on_Septic_Pumping_Changes_From_Peter_Kaplan.pdf],

News & Events 10/8/2018

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